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Explore Amazon Music's attractive features

Amazon Music is your auditory haven, granting access to over one million tracks and curated playlists for Amazon Prime members. Seamlessly stream, download, and savor tunes from your Amazon library or locally stored music. The app extends the freedom to download your cloud library for offline playback, ensuring your music is always in tune with your mood.

For the ultimate auditory journey, unlock Amazon Music's prowess. As an Amazon Prime member, relish ad-free streaming, curated playlists, and offline playback. Elevate your listening experience with Amazon Music Unlimited, diving into the depths of HD, Ultra HD audio, and spatial playback.

What does Amazon Music offer?

Amazon Music is a free audio application developed by Amazon Mobile LLC. This platform lets users enjoy their Amazon music library on their mobile devices. In addition, Amazon Prime members have access to a selection of over one million tracks and playlists that can be streamed and downloaded without charge.

Amazon Music is a web-based streaming service for music and podcasts that offers a wide selection of songs and episodes. Users can explore millions of tracks and podcasts as well as receive tailored recommendations based on their listening habits and preferences.

The app lets you access your Amazon Music collection wherever you go, allowing you to download or stream music you've purchased on Amazon, be it MP3s or CDs. You can also play any music that you have stored locally on your device. The app gives you the ability to download music from your cloud library for offline playback.

The Amazon Music app includes access to the Store, boasting an impressive selection of over 28 million songs.

If you're an Amazon Prime member, you'll get much more out of the Amazon Music app since it lets you search for and download or stream music without ads. There's support for creating and editing playlists within the app for any of the music you have in the app.

The platform caters to different tiers of users:

  • Free tier: Offers access to thousands of playlists and stations but doesn't allow individual song access. Advertisements are included during listening, and offline playback isn't available at this level.
  • Amazon Prime: This tier is accessible to Amazon Prime members and includes over 100 million songs, playlists, and stations. It offers ad-free listening and allows offline playback, but it doesn't provide access to HD and Ultra HD audio.
  • Amazon Music Unlimited: Available without an Amazon Prime membership, this subscription tier involves a monthly or annual fee. Users can enjoy all features from the Prime tier along with HD and Ultra HD audio quality, spatial audio playback, and expanded offline playback options.

The app enables users to access their Amazon Music library from anywhere, stream or download purchased music, and play locally stored songs on their devices. Additionally, it includes a store with a vast selection of songs, providing tailored recommendations based on users' listening habits.

Amazon Music for Windows review

Amazon Music offers a gateway to your musical landscape. However, navigating the app might feel cumbersome, particularly when transitioning between songs or playlists. The interface, primarily optimized for portrait mode, lacks the finesse expected from an audio streaming app.

While offering a broad selection, Amazon Music occasionally encounters hiccups. Users may face issues like the app ceasing to function, often requiring updates or reinstallation for stability.

The app intertwines your Amazon library seamlessly. Yet, for an optimal experience, improvements in song skipping within playlists and tablet optimization are warranted.

For Amazon aficionados and Prime members, this app is a melodic gateway. However, compared to competitors like Spotify or Pandora, Amazon Music falls short in intuitive song navigation and tablet optimization.

Amazon Music alternatives to look for

While suitable for Amazon loyalists, other platforms offer more intuitive navigation and a broader range of features, such as:

  • Spotify: Renowned for its expansive library, curated playlists, and personalized recommendations, Spotify provides a seamless user experience across various devices. It offers a free tier with ads and premium subscriptions for ad-free listening and offline playback.
  • YouTube Music: Leveraging YouTube's extensive video catalog, YouTube Music offers a wide range of songs, music videos, and live performances. It has a free tier with ads and a premium subscription for ad-free listening and offline playback.
  • Tidal: Known for its high-fidelity audio quality, Tidal offers Hi-Fi and Master quality audio streams. It emphasizes exclusive content, including early releases and exclusive tracks.

Amazon Music beckons with its extensive library but falters in delivering a seamless user experience. It's ideal for Amazon loyalists, yet those seeking smoother navigation might find better alternatives elsewhere.

Is Amazon Music still free with Prime?

Yes, Prime members enjoy ad-free access to a vast collection of 100 million songs on Amazon Music, the largest selection of ad-free top podcasts, and a variety of playlists and stations—all included with Prime at no extra charge.

How do I download mp3 from Amazon Music?

Visit the library and choose the albums or songs you wish to download. Afterward, click on the download option. If prompted to install the app, opt for "No thanks, just download music files directly." If your browser asks whether to open or save one or more files, select "Save."

Is Amazon Music worth it?

Amazon Music presents an expansive audio landscape, offering a medley of tunes to Amazon loyalists and Prime members. However, its harmonious symphony encounters occasional discord in navigation quirks and stability hiccups. While it might not hit all the right notes, it's worth exploring to find your rhythm.


  • Store and player integrated in the same app
  • Access to all music purchased through Amazon
  • Unlimited music service for Prime subscribers
  • Vast music library
  • Tailored recommendations
  • Ad-free experience for Prime members


  • Navigation quirks
  • Tablet optimization lacking
  • Occasional app stability issues

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Amazon Music for PC

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